3rd Space FPS Gaming Vest - Review

3rd Space FPS Gaming Vest - Review

3rd Space FPS Vest - ReviewBottomline: Great fun for short stints and everyone will want a go

Manufacturer: TN Games

The 3rd Space FPS Vest looks like a bulletproof jacket, but with a USB port and a pump attached.

This gaming accessory hides a series air pockets, front and back, that expand rapidly to jab your body when you get shot during a game. It never hurts, but ticklish members of the PCW team simply burst out laughing when shot. We played Call of Duty 2 (included in the box), where the vest jabs from the front when you get injured and jabs all over as you die.

The pump that refills the air pockets is very noisy and the vest currently supports only nine games, but they are all top titles.