Lost: The Video Game - Review

Lost: The Video Game - Review

Lost: The Video Game - ReviewFun while it lasts, but not challenging

Bottomline: Impressive visuals and audio, but this is definitely a game with niche appeal

Television programmes tend not to get the computer game treatment as frequently as feature films do and there’s probably a good reason we never see desktop adaptations of Coronation Street or Antiques Roadshow.

As it happens, however, the desert island drama Lost lends itself well to games. Anyone familiar with the show will know that it follows the misfortunes of Oceanic Flight 815’s survivors as they deal with the tropical trials and tribulations of life after a plane crash, along with the perils of secret hatches, gaseous cloud monsters and, of course, ‘The Others’.

The game’s so-called episodes slot neatly into the programme’s timeline somewhere during the show’s first two series. Perhaps wisely, Lost’s creators have steered away from putting you in control of any of the main characters, although most of the original cast can be seen here in computer-generated glory.

Instead, you play a hitherto unseen member of the ill-fated aircraft’s passenger manifest, a photographer suffering from amnesia. The gameplay is easy to pick up and follows an action-adventure theme, with puzzle solving, exploration, basic combat and a lot of interaction with other characters. Memory loss plays a big part, as you piece together your past via flashback sequences.

While some of the computer-generated characters appear more convincing than others, the jungle looks amazing. Sound effects, voice acting and music – all authentic to the TV show – are also good. Though fun while it lasts, the game is neither very challenging nor particularly lengthy.

Whether you enjoy your time on the island will largely depend on your feelings for the show itself: public opinion of the programme seems to be split between fervent appreciation and utter bewilderment. As such, Lost: The Video Game is likely to have a niche appeal and is unlikely to win the series any new fans.