A&S Creations launches Suunto Lumi world's first outdoor sports watch for women in India

A&S Creations launches Suunto Lumi world's first outdoor sports watch for women in India

A&S Creations, distributor of Finland based Suunto in India, has announced the availability of Suunto Lumi, designed for women who enjoy an active lifestyle. The first outdoor watch of its kind, Suunto Lumi combines advanced ABC (altimeter, barometer, and compass) functions with new benefits including sunrise and sunset times, personal day counter, an intuitive user interface, and a menu in four languages.

"We're excited to bring Suunto Lumi first time in India. It is the first outdoor watch specifically made for women and also designed by women" says Sumit Sabharwal, Director of A&S Creations. "There is a phenomenal change in the lifestyle of urban Indian women. Adventure sports or outdoor activities are not limited to the men only. These days women are also part of the urban tribe which has the feel for adventure and a spontaneous lifestyle. Suunto Lumi is a high-quality outdoor watch that combines fashion with functionality." he adds.

Suunto Lumi is versatile enough to work both as an outdoor instrument and as a daily timepiece and can also be customized with the help of accessories. Straps in different colours and patterns make it easy to fit one's current mood. With the carabiner jacket, Suunto Lumi is protected against rough handling and can be attached anywhere. With the pendant, Suunto Lumi transforms into a stylish timepiece, indispensable at any time, day or night.

Designed for the planner within, the Suunto Lumi features an adjustable day counter to or from a personal event, such as a deadline or a friend's birthday, as well as daily sunrise and sunset times. Programmable for specific regions and cities, the sunrise and sunset times can help the user arrive at a destination before nightfall or assess remaining daylight for running, hiking, or gardening.

Suunto is a leading designer and manufacturer of sports instruments for diving, mountaineering, training, hiking, skiing, sailing and golf.

Available in various styles such as Suunto Lumi Sportif, Terra and Florette, the Suunto Lumi ranges between Rs. 15,400/- to Rs. 18,500/- and are available only through A&S Creations distributors across India.