Britons ready for Digital TV

Britons ready for Digital TV

Report shows 90 per cent are aware of the digital switchover

More people are becoming aware of the digital television switchover according to a report created by Digital UK and Ofcom.

In their Tracker Survey for December 2007, the organisations found that nine out of ten adults were aware of the digital television switchover.

This figure has risen since a similar survey in May 2006 found that only 60 per cent of respondents were aware of the switch.

Awareness was found to be at its highest in the Border TV region, which will start the switchover process on 6 November this year when the Selkirk transmitter switches to Freeview.

Around three quarters of those served by the Selkirk transmitter knew the date of the switchover and over half had already converted every TV set in their homes in anticipation.

Nationally, just over four fifths of respondants said they were comfortable with the move to digital TV following the successful switch in Whitehaven in October 2007.

David Scott, chief executive of Digital UK, said: “This latest research is further evidence that viewers across the UK are embracing and enjoying digital TV. More than three-quarters of the UK’s 60 million television sets are now ready for digital broadcasts.

“Our figures show there’s some work to be done with raising awareness around converting video recorders, and about the date of switchover in each region. Anyone uncertain about these or other switchover issues can call our helpline, which advises thousands of people each month, or visit our website.”

The new figures coincide with the launch of a new national TV advertising campaign that will run from March. The new advert, entitled Skip, reassures viewers that almost any analogue TV can be converted to view Freeview using a set-top box.