ChangingWorlds Launches ClixSmart Discover for Off Portal Personalization at the Mobile World Congress

ChangingWorlds Launches ClixSmart Discover for Off Portal Personalization at the Mobile World Congress

Barcelona, Spain and Dublin, Ireland - ChangingWorlds, the global expert in Personalization and Content Discovery techniques for mobile data, today announced the launch of its new solution for off portal personalization – ClixSmart Discover – at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

ClixSmart Discover enables mobile operators to intelligently personalize the ‘invisible’ 90% of off-portal content including content catalogues, content partner sites, networked content applications and freely available Mobile Internet content. ClixSmart Discover forms part of the ClixSmart Mobile Internet Platform which includes sophisticated reporting as well as the profiling and personalization of Mobile Internet content.

ClixSmart Discover uses an off-portal subscriber intelligence engine which actively monitors users’ off-portal browsing habits in order to analyze emerging behaviour patterns. This enables mobile operators to build in-depth business intelligence on the likes and preferences of individual portal users browsing off-portal.

The intelligence gained from tracking off portal behaviour enables the personalization of off-portal advertising, off-portal content discovery, off-portal content recommendations and intelligent off-portal search.

Speaking today, Professor Barry Smyth, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist for ChangingWorlds said “As in the case of ‘on-portal’ browsing, the promise of open internet browsing on the mobile device with restricted user interface and limited screen size also presents significant content discovery and usability challenges for end-users. In fact the challenges are significantly greater. Our new solution for off Portal Personalization, ClixSmart Discover, extends the usability benefits of our proven ClixSmart personalization to off portal browsing applications ensuring easy information access for subscribers and an overall enhanced experience.”

ClixSmart Discover enhances ClixSmart Intelligent Navigation (the automatic reorganization of the portal menu according to individual usage patterns) by enabling a subscriber’s favourite off-portal services to be promoted onto the mobile operator’s portal, in a similar fashion to promotion of on-portal services.

This enriches the on-portal browsing experience providing subscribers with direct simple access to their favourite off-portal services, thus increasing traffic and revenue for the mobile operator. As seen in the screenshot on the left, examples of off portal personalized applications that are enabled by ClixSmart Discover include:

- My Sites
The user’s most popular off-portal sites will appear in their “My Sites” section of the mobile portal.
- My Community
Sites recommended to an individual based on the Mobile Internet sites of interest to groups of users with similar profiles to this individual.

Also speaking today, ChangingWorlds CEO, David Moran said “ClixSmart Discover benefits mobile operators through increased mobile data usage, reinforcing the mobile operator’s brand identity and providing more opportunity to target users with relevant advertisements based on their off-portal browsing and content consumption. End users also benefit from increased awareness of available services so they can quickly discover relevant off-portal content. This increased content consumption leads to greater data revenues for the mobile operator.”