Roxio MyDVD 10 Premier - Review

Roxio MyDVD 10 Premier - Review

Roxio MyDVD 10 Premier - ReviewThe quick and easy route to the Hollywood A-list?

Pros: Simple, easy-to-use tools; plenty of templates and supporting materials; supports high-def video

Cons: Roxio Media Creator 10 Suite is only £10 more expensive

Bottomline: A useful, straightforward set of tools, but it does in many ways feel like a cut-down version of Media Creator 10

Manufacturer: Roxio

When we first started testing Roxio MyDVD 10 Premier, we began to get a sense of déjà vu.

It didn’t take us long to realise this was because we had, in fact, tested nearly all of its components before as part of Roxio Media Creator 10 Suite. As the name suggests, MyDVD 10 Premier focuses on video production, DVD creation and movie playback.

It is made up of a number of programs intended to help users edit camcorder footage or digital photos and output the results to a format that can be easily shared – either as a DVD movie or slideshow, a portable (PSP, iPod or mobile phone) media file or direct to home-movie channel, Youtube.

The main applications are Videowave and Photosuite but the suite also includes a fairly competent media-management program, a label creator, a format converter and a number of useful utilities for importing, enhancing and viewing video and photos.

There isn’t a massive amount of ground breaking going on here, but if MyDVD 10 Premier has one stand-out selling point it would be its slick, easy-to-use presentation. From the launch screen, it’s easy to choose which app to use, either by task or by name. Each program follows a similar workflow too, so it’s easy to get the hang of. There are also the obligatory ‘one-click’ automated movie-creation tools.

We would highly recommend MyDVD 10 Premier to anyone thinking of embarking on home movie production if it wasn’t for the fact you can buy all the same tools within Roxio Media Creator 10 Suite (which also comes with lots of additional features for digitising LPs and tapes, capturing audio, enhancing tracks and the like) for just £10 more.