Intel introduces new Atom line-up

Intel introduces new Atom line-up

Processors aimed squarely at mobile internet devices

Intel has introduced five new Atom processors, along with Centrino Atom processor technology, for mobile internet devices and embedded computing platforms.

The technology package, unveiled at the Intel Developer Forum in Shanghai, includes the Intel Atom processor, formerly codenamed 'Silverthorne', plus a single-chip with integrated graphics called the Intel System Controller Hub.

Together these aim to provide a full internet experience and long battery life in devices small enough to fit in a pocket.

Originally announced in March, the Atom processor is Intel's smallest to date and the world's fastest chip under 3W.

The chip makes use of several power management techniques to help achieve the low-power levels, such as Intel Deep Power Down Technology, CMOS mode and Split I/O power supply.

"Today is an historic day for Intel and the hi-tech industry as we deliver our first Intel Atom processor and surround it with a great package of technology," said Anand Chandrasekher, senior vice president and general manager at Intel's Ultra Mobility Group.

"These forthcoming mobile internet devices, and some incredible longer-term plans our customers are sharing with us, will show how small devices can deliver a big internet experience."

Chandrasekher said that, as the internet becomes more pervasive, the desire to be constantly connected via wireless broadband will continue to drive the adoption of mobile internet enabled devices.

The new range of Atom processors range in speeds from 800MHz to 1.86GHz. They support Intel's Enhanced SpeedStep technology, and certain versions will support hyper-threading technology as well.

The processors are also designed for fan-less, small form-factor devices for embedded applications such as in-vehicle infotainment systems, portable point-of-sale devices and more rugged computing devices such as robotics for industrial manufacturing.

A variety of vendors had demo models of upcoming devices using the technology, and manufacturers around the world are planning to ship Intel-based mobile internet devices within the coming months.