California remains hi-tech leader

California remains hi-tech leader

Silicon Valley still nation's technology engine room

California retained its crown as leader of the US hi-tech industry in 2007, adding 21,400 net jobs during the year.

AeA, the largest technology trade association in the US representing all segments of the hi-tech industry, said that the number of hi-tech jobs in 2007 increased two per cent year on year.

This marks the second net increase in jobs since the tech bubble began to burst in 2000, according to AeE.

Leading the way in job creation were the computer systems design and related services sector, delivering 12,600 jobs, and the engineering services sector, delivering 6,100 jobs.

AeA found that California continues to lead the nation by most hi-tech industry metrics.

The state's tech workers had the highest average wage at $101,200, which is 112 per cent above the state's average private sector wage. This differential is also the highest in the nation.

Venture capital investments increased eight per cent to $13.8bn in 2007, accounting for 47 per cent of all venture capital in the country.

"The people and leaders of California, and Silicon Valley in particular, continue to find new ways to innovate and new industries to develop," said Deirdre Hanford, chairman of the board at AeA and a senior vice president at Synopsys.

"However, maintaining the Valley as the preeminent hi-tech hub in the state, the country and the world will depend on a number of variables.

"These include maximising the skills of a diverse workforce, improving the quality of our education system, and investing in research and new technologies such as green technology."