Xerox releases green calculator for businesses

Xerox releases green calculator for businesses

Green calculator can help firms minimise document footprint

Xerox has released a 'Sustainability Calculator' for eco-aware businesses that want to limit their carbon footprint and energy consumption.

The calculator, a scaled down version is available now on the Xerox web site, is a software tool that measures a firms' energy consumption in relation to their document management, and technologies.

Released by the Xerox' Office Services division, the software evaluates an office set up and activities - including the use of printers and other devices - before producing a report on how and where savings can be made. Announcing it the firm said that it, "provides customers [with] the first fact-based measurement of their carbon footprint."

"This calculator cracks the code to help offices of any size really understand just how green their offices are or could be," said John Kelly, president at Toshiba Global Services, "It provides customers with actionable recommendations to help them realise their green objectives and in doing so realise cost-savings and efficiency gains that come with an optimised office environment."