Polycom makes calling easier for businesses

Polycom makes calling easier for businesses

Polycom has released a new device, and management tools for WiFi calls and meetings

Polycom has released what it calls an enterprise grade wi-fi phone for small and medium sized businesses and remote offices.

The SpectraLink 8002 phone is a VoIP endpoint that supports the open SIP VoIP protocol and is, the firm said, designed to work with those wireless access points that target the SMB market, meaning that it should work in most offices, on most wireless networks.

"We've spoken to a number of smaller-sized businesses in the past that were assessing the value of Wi-fi phones in their offices," said Ben Guderian, vice president of product management for wireless at Polycom, "Until recently, it's been considered cost-prohibitive for SMBs to take advantage of this technology. "

Polycom also announced a new business productivity suite to go with its SoundPoint IP phones, explaining that it had added applications that would let users work and communicate much more efficiently.

The suite offers a user interface that includes information on the quality of voicecalls, and management tools that let users control invites, and roles, within a multi-participant conference call or meeting.

Other features include the ability to record a conference call onto a USB memory stick and LDAP access to corporate address books.