WPanorama 8.4.1

WPanorama 8.4.1

Create panorama photos

Platform: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Type: freeware
Manufacturer: Pierre-Alain Bovard
Size: 3.5MB

Most of us own a digital camera, but the majority of us use it in exactly the same manner as our old SLR cameras.

We ask our family to stand by a local structure and then take a picture of them in front of the object. We get home, put them up on our homepage, and we all see the same photos that everyone else has taken.

Our digital cameras enable us to take many photos without us requiring a new film roll after only 36 photos, so why not make better use of your camera?

WPanorama is a tool that will enable you to create a 360 degree panorama image from your digital photos. For instance, if you're standing in a middle of a room, use your digital camera to take shots of each section of the internal room and then use WPanorama to stitch these photos together to create one panoramic image.

Once you're happy with your panorama, you can choose to export as an AVI movie, which you could place on your homepage and enable friends and family to be part of your holiday experience.

Quickly stitch together your digital photos to create a great panorama image.