Feedreader 3.13

Feedreader 3.13

Lightweight RSS news reader

Platform: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Type: freeware
Manufacturer: i-Systems Inc
Size: 5.2MB

These days it's becoming more difficult to keep track of updated news across all our favourite websites. You could probably spend a couple of hours on a work day morning browsing the web, and then late afternoon, for more updates.

Clearly we wouldn't get any work done if we were browsing the web all day, so luckily there is a system available that enables us to collate and browse through the latest news at our leisure.

Most websites have news feeds (RSS feeds) that you can subscribe to and then use an RSS tool to manage these subscriptions and download the latest news when available.

You can then read the news headlines and, if you want more information, a link will open the news story within your web browser.

FeedReader is a lightweight, open-source news aggregator that supports all major RSS formats. It focuses on the main task of reading and organising RSS feeds and offering a seamless user experience.

FeedReader 3.12 is licensed under GPL, and its source is available for download so you can build on it, tailor it to your needs or even rebrand it for your customers.

Small and clean tool for reading your daily news feeds.