VADition sets the stage for mass collaboration

VADition sets the stage for mass collaboration

VADition has thrown down the gauntlet to rival distributors by vowing to put the value-add back into VAD and announcing two new lines of attac

The distributor, formed last summer, said it is scouting for new technologies, which it will then share with partners to promote innovation and mass collaboration.

Barrie Desmond, business development manager at VADition, said: “VADition wants to sign more
technologies that disrupt the marketplace and scream: “We have something you don’t’.”

He claimed that rival distributors were failing to add value with high volume numbers but little contact with partners and customers.

As well as expanding its portfolio the distributor will focus on mass collaboration.
“It is important to share assets. IP is only valuable if you allow others to look at it and build on it,” added Desmond.

Simon Welch, marketing director at rival Horizon, agreed with adding value, explaining that Horizon contracts out its warehouse, allowing more money to be invested in staff and services.
“Horizon applauds anyone that invests in channel development instead of just shifting stock.

However, VADition must have been lacking value add before if it feels the need to ramp it up,” said Welch.