UK firms ignoring power bills

UK firms ignoring power bills

IT teams need more visibility over their power bills, finds survey

New research commissioned by 1E, a provider of power management software, has found that there is little to encourage, or cajole, UK IT managers into reducing their corporate power consumption.

The survey, which polled some 100 IT managers, found that 33 per cent of respondents felt no pressure at all to reduce their power consumption, despite growing pressure from an array of sources.

1E said that in order to change this view IT teams should be given more visibility over their systems, and the amount of power that they consume.

"Given the growing focus on environmental topics, it's genuinely concerning to see that a significant proportion of IT managers from large UK organisations still aren't feeling serious pressure to minimise power consumption from their technology infrastructure," said Simon Francis, vice president for energy solutions at the firm.

"Only by giving IT teams direct ownership of corporate power bills, will they feel truly empowered to address this globally-important issue."

1E provides power management software for enterprises.