IBM gives SMash to OpenAjax Alliance

IBM gives SMash to OpenAjax Alliance

IBM's Secure Mash can be used to secure Web 2.0 application mashups

IBM has developed, and donated, new technology designed to secure mashups –hybrid web applications created from a range of sources.

IBM's SMash (secure mash) collates information from different sources, but keeps the applications separate, hence the 'secure' tag. IBM said that this level of security was sorely lacking from the technology.

"What we were striving for was to have [mashups] interact with other information on a page in a secure manner," said David Boloker, chief technology officer for emerging Internet technologies at IBM.

"It allows you to communicate with other parts of your web page in a secure manner."

Smash has been donated to the OpenAjax Alliance, an interoperability-focussed group dealing with Ajax. It is expected to include it in the OpenAjax Hub 1.1, scheduled for general release in June this year.