Oceanus and Sonata Software to deliver next gen solutions for customer service environments

Oceanus and Sonata Software to deliver next gen solutions for customer service environments

Oceanus has teamed up with Sonata Software Limited to enhance their development of integrated Case Management Solutions and Environment Management Solutions, which are specifically designed for customer service environments. As a result of this partnership, Oceanus is increasing its bandwidth to accommodate larger and more complex solutions for both established and new customers. Consequently, the partnership will enable Oceanus to provide their customers with optimal solutions as well as superior levels of system support.

Oceanus’ technology roadmap is taking a quantum leap with next generation solutions. By partnering with Sonata Software on specific software development and customer projects Oceanus will accelerate their time to market and will offer a more holistic service to existing customers as they expand globally. This multi-level relationship will comprise technical support, product development, project management, consultancy, and implementation.

Nick Rowley, managing director of Oceanus stated: “Partnering with Sonata will enable us to leverage our competency and add value by incorporating their specialist capabilities. With our combined breadth of capabilities and resource we are in a superior position to respond to the challenges facing CIOs and their organisations today.”

B. Ramaswamy, president and managing director of Sonata Software, added, “By partnering with Oceanus, Sonata reinforces its competitive advantage to its enterprise customers. Our deep technical expertise in handling Outsourced Product Development, together with our proven and well-defined methodology of handling complex enterprise projects, ensures we bring the best of both worlds to the customer.”

For the last two years, Oceanus’ technical support has rested upon Jira, a 3rd party application. Fortuitously, Sonata has significant experience customising this application which will foster a fully integrated support centre via a customer based management reporting system. In addition to SLA registration, problem solving and trouble shooting, it will also provide code level support.

Sonata will help to review existing bespoke customer projects and their implementation. Help with product development will initially include developing version 2 of Robot, Oceanus’ Environment Management Solution that will significantly improve uptime, system knowledge and performance whilst reducing cost.

An additional benefit will be that Oceanus will have access to Sonata’s strong technical resource team which has skill-sets on a wide range of technologies. In Germany alone, Sonata has over 400 high-end professional software resources. This will allow Oceanus to do a deep technical check on their advanced architecture to make sure it is connectable with current systems in addition to being standards compliant.