Green datacentres not top priority in the UK

Green datacentres not top priority in the UK

Differences in green opinions found across Europe

According to a new survey opinions on the greenness of datacentres vary from geography to geography.

Research firm Vanson Bourne was commissioned by Overland Storage in a bid to uncover how opinions do differ, and why. The results of its survey contain some surprises.

Companies in Britain are apparently shunning the green claims of vendors and are pushing ahead with their storage plans with no consideration of their environmental impact. Both France and Germany are more green-aware than firms in the UK, where just 22 percent of respondents put green-ness in their top three criteria. Seventy two percent of businesses in Germany felt it was important, while in France that figure was 76 percent.

Chris James, European marketing director at Overland Storage, said, "The conversations we are having with our UK customers suggest that they are incredibly sceptical about the green marketing claims linked to a growing number of products."

However, he added that this perception differs between vertical industries.