Fast Growing Telecommunications Provider Jazztel Selects ConSentry Networks to Protect Subscribers and Enhance Business Agility

Fast Growing Telecommunications Provider Jazztel Selects ConSentry Networks to Protect Subscribers and Enhance Business Agility

ConSentry Provides Flexibility and Control with Intelligent Switching as Jazztel Expands

Milpitas, CA – ConSentry Networks, the leader in intelligent switching, announced today that Jazztel p.l.c. (Nuevo Mercado in Spain: JAZ), a leading Spanish broadband telecom service provider, is deploying ConSentry to segment users on the LAN, monitor and restrict LAN usage, and prevent threats from disrupting network services or compromising data. With the ConSentry LANShield solution, Jazztel is poised to securely deliver more innovative services for its residential and corporate users as well as for its wholesale carrier business.

Listed on the European stock exchange in London and Madrid, Jazztel is the leading alternative service provider in the Spanish market, with plans to serve the mobile market with triple and quadruple plays. The company needed to balance the need to tighten access controls for users while remaining fast and agile in its business operations.

“Jazztel’s innovative business practices have captured the attention of European and world markets,” said José Miguel Garcia, CEO of Jazztel. “But for Jazztel to stay on the leading edge of competitive service offerings and pricing, our staff needs the ability to quickly serve a wide variety of customer needs. Today’s dynamic work force can introduce greater risk, with staff able to access and change so much customer and corporate information. ConSentry intelligent switching lets us empower our users and build a more agile company while still maintaining the security, control, and auditing of who can access which resources across our network.”

Jazztel relies on the ConSentry solution to protect assets between its data center supporting 600 employees in Madrid and a new call center, supporting more than 1000 users running front- and back-office applications in Argentina. Given the geographical split, Jazztel IT staff needed better tools to understand who is doing what on the LAN, where they’re located, and when they’re making changes.

The ConSentry LANShield platform enables Jazztel IT to easily embed security directly into the LAN infrastructure. Its intelligent switching architecture delivers a complete understanding of the user, device, role, applications, and network destinations of all LAN traffic. Having this business context makes it simpler for Jazztel and all ConSentry customers to understand what is happening on the LAN and apply the appropriate policies.

ConSentry delivers intelligent switching in both the LANShield Switch and the LANShield Controller. The LANShield Switch is a gigabit Ethernet wiring closet switch, while the LANShield Controller is a transparent appliance that sits between the existing wiring closet switches and the distribution or core switches. For more information about the ConSentry LANShield platforms, please visit:

“Traditionally, greater control and business agility have been at odds,” notes Dean Hickman-Smith, vice president of worldwide sales at ConSentry. “Jazztel is the perfect example of a company that needs both, and the ConSentry platform is the perfect vehicle for delivering both. While today’s LANs make that control really complicated for IT, intelligent switching provides the business context to greatly simplify user and application control.”