EDF Energy launches faster contract processing service using rostrvm

EDF Energy launches faster contract processing service using rostrvm

“This time last year the CPS team was primarily a manual process driven back office department. Today, with the support of Rostrvm, EDF Energy is the most technically advanced contact centre in the whole of EDF Energy!”

Lee Turner, New Customer Relationships Manager, Contract Processing EDF Energy

The contract processing department at EDF Energy in Hove has just launched a more efficient way for its new customer contracts to be verified within 15 minutes by using a combination of new technologies including blended call centre technology supplied by specialists Rostrvm Solutions.

To avoid possible fraudulent applications, to improve accuracy of captured data and to help ensure a positive customer experience, previously the Field Sales Agent (FSA) would call the Customer Service Advisor (CSA) who would then manually input the customer information into the Contract Processing system. If the CSA had not spoken to the customer at this point they would arrange for a later call to be made to the customer to verify the contract details and welcome them to EDF Energy.

Today the FSA uses a hand held device (very similar to a compact lap top computer) to capture contract details electronically which are then immediately sent to EDF Energy for the contract to be verified. As the information is received at EDF Energy’s back office systems the data is also sent to rostrvm. The record created within Rostrvm prompts an outbound call to be made to the customer. The contract can then be verified and the customer welcomed to EDF Energy. This streamlined process reduces the time required to deal with each contract as the FSA and the CSA potentially need not speak to each other. Rostrvm’s call-blending functions and automated dialling mean that, whilst dealing with inbound call traffic relating to non electronic contracts, EDF Energy is able to carry out the call backs required to process the new electronic contracts at the same time. EDF Energy has set a service level agreement of 100% of outbound calls being made within 15 minutes of receipt of the record within Rostrvm. Rostrvm is helping them to realise actual call back times within two minutes of the FSA agreeing with the customer to take the EDF Energy service.

“We are always looking for technologies that will improve our customer service in this competitive market and this new service is anticipated to demonstrate savings to EDF Energy in a number of ways; faster service for new customers; fewer contracts being rejected due to incorrect paper work or fewer system & human errors, and in overhead costs as contracts which used to take hours to process manually now only take minutes through an automated system,” said Lee Turner, New Customer Relationships Manager, Contract Processing EDF Energy.

“Although it is early days as the service has only just become active, we anticipate that data automation and call centre blending will lead to a saving of 23 FTE (This saving will be realised through redeployment rather than redundancies), which gives this department a potential saving of £120k a year almost from day one.”

“Previously the contract processing system was fairly poor on reporting call outcomes. Rostrvm gives my management team access to a wealth of data that, through new reporting will enable us to learn from, adapt and improve our current processes.”

“This time last year my teams day to day work was primarily driven by a largely manual process. The Contract processing work was a predominantly back office. Through 2007 the team moved towards a more dynamic call centre activity and today, with the support of Rostrvm, we are the most technically advanced contact centre in the whole of EDF Energy!”

It took rostrvm three months from development of EDF Energy’s conceptual idea to going live into the field. Lee concluded: “The support we receive from rostrvm is phenomenal. The attitude of the support guys on site and at rostrvm has been brilliant and they are a credit to their management.”