Capricode springs into channel

Capricode springs into channel

Finnish MDM software vendor looks to establish UK channel to grab market share

Telecommunications software company Capricode is launching into the channel to sell mobile device management (MDM) software designed for businesses whose employees use smart phones.

The Finnish company is looking to sign on between five and 10 application service providers and managed service providers in the UK which can then work with smaller resellers. Erkko Vainio, Capricode's business development director for EMEA, revealed that negotiations were ongoing with a number of potential partners.

"Our product is easy to use, some MDM products take three weeks to learn, this takes three hours. Businesses are who we make our software for and we have customers who have 10 phones and others who have 2000", said Vainio.

Tim Belfall, chief technical officer of MDM provider Condico Mobile, said: " The MDM market is going to explode, there is going to be massive growth.

"With the bad stories coming from the government about loss of data, as well as their work life balance campaign which encourages people to work from home, companies are beginning to realise that mobiles are more at risk of losing data than laptops."