Buying at EAT goes contactless

Buying at EAT goes contactless

Food chain hopes to provide faster service to its customers with the "touch and go" technology

Food chain EAT has introduced contactless card payments to serve customers quicker and reduce the need to handle change.

Using the chip-and-PIN system with contactless technology, the coffee shop will be able to process Visa and MasterCard “wave and pay” transactions of £10 and under for its customers.

The first contactless electronic point of sale platform has been installed at EAT’s Moorgate branch in the City and the technology will be rolled out to a further 24 London-based stores over the next few weeks.

“Our customers can now benefit from a faster and more efficient way of paying and we are looking forward to further implementing this innovative payment solution,” said EAT’s finance director Guy Harvey.

The system was introduced by payment processing supplier Commidea and Barclaycard Business is the merchant provider.