30GB online storage for free

30GB online storage for free

Store your files in former Bank of England vault and access them from any machine

A new online-service is offering 30GBytes of free storage accessible via a web browser from anywhere in the world.

The Humyo.com service has nearly 90terabytes of storage in a former Bank of England vault and an intelligent interface that senses the type of device accessing it and throws up the appropriate interface.

This means you can access your files from a mobile phone and stream music and video to it.

Founder Dan Conlon says 100,000 people have already signed up at the end of a six-month beta phase despite the lack of publicity.

A premium £29.99-a-year service offers £100GBytes of storage, encryption of stored files, and the ability to access the storage as another drive from within PC applications.

A dedicated PC client also automatically backs up your PC and allows real-time onliune collaboration on a document over the web..

The site also allows to share folders with friends, so that they can for instance view you photographcs. You can also embed a player in emails and on sites like Facebook and MySpace so people can view your pictures or videos.