VMware Desktop Virtualization Now Available on Wyse Thin Clients, Simplifying Desktop Delivery

VMware Desktop Virtualization Now Available on Wyse Thin Clients, Simplifying Desktop Delivery

Cannes, France – Wyse Technology, the global leader in thin computing, today announced that its thin clients based on Microsoft Windows XP embedded, Wyse Thin OS and Linux will now ship with built-in support for VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 2, a component of VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Now, customers can more easily deploy and manage Wyse thin clients to leverage VMware VDI.

VMware VDI streamlines desktop management, reduces operational costs and provides business continuity to offer enterprise-class performance, reliability, security, manageability and seamless integration in a single desktop virtualization solution. As part of VMware VDI, VMware Desktop Manager 2 allows users to securely connect to their virtual desktops in the data center and gives IT administrators an easy and cost-effective way to manage virtual desktops. Combining Wyse thin clients with VMware Desktop Manager 2 enables IT personnel to more easily perform upgrades, patches and desktop maintenance, making thin clients become a more viable option to PCs. In addition, Wyse is also offering users “first day support” to more quickly get users up and running.

“This announcement helps accelerate the shift away from desktop PCs to green, efficient and more flexible thin clients in a virtualized desktop environment,” said Ricardo Antuna, Vice President of Business Development for Wyse Technology.

This announcement highlights how Wyse continues to work closely with VMware, including Wyse’s participation in the VMware Community Source program. Late last year, Wyse also announced that it was the first vendor to ship multimedia capabilities for thin clients running VMware VDI. This collaboration has resulted in Wyse software being selected for integration into VMware ESX Server, enabling thin clients to display rich multimedia content in a VMware VDI environment.

“By offering thin clients with built-in support for VMware Virtual Desktop Manager, users get a ‘plug and play’ desktop virtualization solution right out of the box,” said Jeff Jennings, Vice President of Desktop Products and Solutions at VMware. “This type of collaboration makes Wyse a leader in the thin client market.”

For more information on how Wyse thin clients complement VMware’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment visit www.wyse.com/solutions/vmware/index.asp.