Viewsonic VX1940w LCD monitor - Review

Viewsonic VX1940w LCD monitor - Review

Viewsonic VX1940w LCD monitor - ReviewAll the pixels you’d get from a 22in TFT in a 19in model

Pros: Build quality; styling; HDCP support; adjustable response time

Cons: Tilt-only stand; viewing angles; colour accuracy

Bottomline: A basic but stylish monitor with dual inputs and a high resolution for its size

Price: UK £193.88, US $229.99

Manufacturer: Viewsonic

For many home users and gamers, today’s must-have monitor is the 22in TFT.

With a resolution of 1,680x1,050 pixels and a large, widescreen area these monitors can deliver excellent value for money while providing enough pixels to show off your expensive graphics card to good effect.

Normally 19in monitors cost less but have a reduced pixel resolution of just 1,440x900. Now, the VX1940w brings you all the pixels you’d get from the 22in version in a compact 19in monitor.

If you find the text on a 22in TFT a little too small, this will only get worse when moving to a VX1940w. But if you want razor-sharp graphics in a small package you’ll find it hard to beat. It’s also almost identical in specification to Viewsonic’s VX2240w, although it does have a lower dynamic contrast ratio of 3,000:1 compared to the 4,000:1 of the 22in model.

Like most of Viewsonic’s range, the VX1940w is well-built. It has a thin black bezel enhanced by silver brushed-metal details and discreet control buttons.

In addition to the high resolution, gamers will enjoy the fast 2ms response time and its 3,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio gives you deep, dark black levels that help images pop out; although during normal desktop use the constant changing in backlight intensity can become distracting. With the dynamic contrast disabled, you still get a very respectable contrast ratio of 1,000:1.

The monitor is also fitted with both a VGA and a DVI-I port, the latter of which is HDCP-enabled to allow high-definition playback.

The VX1940w represents a significant price saving of around £45 when compared to its bigger brother and offers features and performance in excess of any budget 22in displays at this price.