NEC shows off Linux mobile phones

NEC shows off Linux mobile phones

Four handsets based on LiMo specification

NEC has thrown its weight behind mobile Linux with the introduction of four handsets based on the LiMo specification.

LiMo is a the result of a push towards a shared, hardware-independent mobile phone operating system by several handset manufacturers including Motorola, LG Electronics and Panasonic.

NEC describes its handsets as the world's first LiMo-compliant mobile phones, even though several of its partners in the LiMo Foundation have already released details of compatible handsets, including Motorola and Panasonic.

"The breadth of the initial generation of LiMo handsets consolidates LiMo's role as the unifying force within mobile Linux and highlights the strong momentum established in the 12 months since LiMo was launched," said Morgan Gillis, executive director of the LiMo Foundation.

Among NEC's new phones is the N905i, a 3G/GSM phone with HSDPA for data connectivity, mobile TV reception, GPS and support for wireless payment services.