UK IT market surges ahead

UK IT market surges ahead

Sales of IT hardware and software ‘didn’t disappoint’ in 2007, growing 4.7 per cent, according to market watcher GfK

The UK IT market hit 4.7 per cent growth in 2007, according to research house GfK.
The firm’s Barometer Report tracks the performance of IT hardware and software within the UK.

Anthony Norman, business group director at GfK said: “GfK was expecting to see another strong year for the IT market in 2007, and it hasn’t disappointed.”

The report found that sales of gaming devices increased by 68 per cent in 2007 and sales of PDAs decreased by 31 per cent.

PC mini speakers, storage devices, laptops and mice sales all increased, whereas multi disk drives, boxed software, SmartPhones and desktop PC sales decreased.

On the outlook of the IT hardware and software market in 2008, Norman said: “GfK expects to see more moderate growth rate in the first half of 2008. Current market conditions will have an impact on spending on IT hardware and software, but we do not expect this to register any negative results”.