Tibco aims for SOA governance

Tibco aims for SOA governance

ActiveMatrix 2.0 launched today

Tibco Software is aiming for complete control of service-oriented architectures (SOA) with its new ActiveMatrix 2.0 platform, out today.

The release offers support for collaboration between key participants in SOA design, and policy management, registry and other governance tools to help firms build flexible systems using Java and .Net components that can be reused for new services.

Tibco said business processes stand to be improved through better collaboration between architects, developers and business analysts. The platform includes a feature called Integrated Service View that offers a visual depiction of performance and dependencies, including what effect changes would have.

“We’re bringing together different composite applications without the business having to worry about underlying technologies,” said Rob Meyer, product manager at Tibco.

Neil Ward-Dutton of analyst Macehiter Ward-Dutton said, “The vast majority of the pitches in SOA governance are Java-based, which is fine if you’re in Java-land but if you want to embrace the Microsoft world and legacy, you have a much larger challenge, and this is where Tibco is doing some really good stuff.”