Mobile WiMax comes to Kent

Mobile WiMax comes to Kent

More than 4,500 businesses in Maidstone could benefit from technology trials starting in April

The UK's first mobile WiMax network will open for business in Maidstone, Kent this April.

The trial will cover 7.5 square kilometers, enabling more than 75,000 people and 4,500 businesses to access services like mobile Voice over IP and live video streaming.

The Mobile WiMax Acceleration Group (M-WAG) is keen to promote the benefits of the technology ahead of Ofcom's approaching spectrum auctions, due to start later this year.

The pilot will offer a cheap way for Kent businesses to connect wirelessly, said Maidstone Borough Council IT manager Dave Lindsay.

"The network is especially exciting because Mobile WiMax can deliver robust, resilient and secure data transmission at a much lower cost than other mobile alternatives," said Lindsay.

"Not only will our residents benefit indirectly through improved, lower cost services, but those within the network perimeter will be able to benefit directly through using mobile WiMax at home or for business."

Mobile WiMax relies on different technology from its standard equivalent and permits a more flexible, roaming use of a wireless network.

Today Intel announced it will invest in service provider FREEDOM4 as part of plans to deploy mobile WiMax networks in the UK.