Pegasystems’ Newest SmartBPM Suite Increases Operational Performance and Global Flexibility

Pegasystems’ Newest SmartBPM Suite Increases Operational Performance and Global Flexibility

Industry-first capabilities drive customers’ business agility, significantly grow revenue and improve productivity

Reading, UK – At today’s Gartner BPM Summit in Las Vegas, Pegasystems, the market leader in Business Process Management (BPM) software, unveiled the newest version of its SmartBPM Suite, the only software that can:

• Turn business goals into working software without coding
• Automate localisation of software for global use
• Accelerate time-to-market with frameworks for industry-specific requirements and processes.

“Customers tell us that SmartBPM with Build for Change technology produces staggering results, such as 30 per cent revenue growth, 40 per cent improvement in productivity and five point increases in customer retention,” said Alan Trefler, founder and CEO of Pegasystems.

“Pegasystems’ product strategy empowers our customers to achieve business agility. Competitive, visionary organisations need quick, global deployment and cannot wait for results from traditional technology approaches. These powerful new features and capabilities – many first-to-market and exclusive to Pegasystems – provide businesses with a competitive edge to help them meet and exceed their goals.”

Speed Deployment and Change of Business Process Applications

Organisations spend countless hours writing paper specifications that are often misinterpreted and don’t give business users what they want. SmartBPM now empowers business users to capture their objectives and requirements directly in the system using familiar tools such as Microsoft Visio and Excel, as well as guided wizards that provide "fill in the blank" questionnaires.

These business requirements automatically produce software applications, complete with user interface, integration and executable business models.

Eliminate time and overhead of application management and testing

The money and time needed for traditional application project management and testing hampers organisations’ ability to automate. Today, Pegasystems is announcing new project and test management frameworks that speed the full business lifecycle of BPM applications. These innovations are expected to reduce time to market and simultaneously improve quality by over 30 per cent.

Increase global and multi-channel flexibility

Pegasystems’ new capabilities provide companies with extraordinary degrees of agility to service the specialised needs of multiple geographies, regulatory environments, and channels. These include reuse and sharing of application components across the enterprise, automated accessibility to meet government regulations and automated localisation that enables global organisations to do business locally, around the world.

Pegasystems’ newly-announced Internet Application Composer enables companies to write their business process application once and deploy it immediately into their existing web presence, without additional coding or interfaces. This enables a consistent customer experience across multiple channels, including branch, contact center, agents and the internet.

Attack today’s key business challenges

Pegasystems is also expanding its portfolio of unique solution frameworks that give customers a head start in attacking key business issues:

• Customer Service for Insurance, including industry-leading process automation for First Notice of Loss and insurance-specific contact centres
• Care Management for Healthcare, enabling case managers to create individualised care plans
• Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering Case Management, for financial services crimes investigation and tracking
• Product Configuration, enabling rapid creation and customisation of new products for insurance, financial services, healthcare and other industries.