Newtec’s Point&Play To Eliminate Installation Costs Of Broadband Over Satellite

Newtec’s Point&Play To Eliminate Installation Costs Of Broadband Over Satellite

Ultra low cost installation method set to impact on operator business models

Newtec today announced the launch of ‘Point&Play’, a brand new capability set to revolutionise the way satellite broadband access terminals are installed. It is part of Newtec’s award winning satellite triple play system, Sat3Play and is aimed at increasing value for operators, service providers and installers, as well as the end user.

‘Point&Play’ is an innovative capability involving an antenna pointing tool, combined with advanced satellite modem software, which allows the installer, be it a professional installer or the end user, to easily position the antenna correctly. It does not require any computer pointing software, provides correct satellite identification and gives feedback on both signal quality and correct satellite lock.

‘Point&Play’ will be demonstrated live at the Satellite 2008 show, Washington DC, end of February 2008.

Tom De Baere, Product Marketing Director at Newtec said, “The installation of satellite broadband products has always been a complex process, requiring specially trained professionals using expensive tools. This is why our patent pending ‘Point&Play’ technology is so ground–breaking - it simplifies the installation process, meaning it can be performed by multi-skilled professionals and even by the end users themselves. This lowers material and labour costs, opening up many new potential distribution channels.

’Point&Play’ allows satellite companies and internet service providers to rethink their business models and cost structures - with no cost for installation, other avenues of business can be investigated.”

‘Point&Play’ is part of a broad portfolio of Newtec products for which it has built up a strong reputation for exceptional customer service and product quality. Its range includes high-speed DVB and DVB S2 modulators, Next Generation DVB RCS-based IP Broadband Access Networks, digital TV and radio distribution networks and interactive Satmode TV networks.