London traffic lights scheme run from web

London traffic lights scheme run from web

Transport for London is using a web-based platform to manage projects across the capital

Transport for London (TfL) is using a web-based system to manage traffic signal installation projects across all 33 of the capital’s boroughs.

All traffic lights in London are designed and maintained by TfL, but are implemented in partnership with local authorities.

The central agency can now manage multiple requests through a single system allowing them to report work status, and manage sub-processes such as parts procurement, labour management and resource deployment.

The system has increased productivity for both TfL and local government agencies, according to the system’s users.

“The new way of working has dramatically improved the relationship between TfL and
the teams handling traffic signal projects at the boroughs,” said a user at a London borough council.

The technology platform replaces a paper-based process which caused a range of

“Execution times have been considerably reduced since we started using the web platform,” said the user.

“And project co-ordination processes and approval have become a lot stricter, but less constrained.”

The agency has a number of future proposals to build on the basic system. Plans include integration with business applications such as project archiving software, cross-project management and resource utilisation systems.

There is also the potential to link the organisation’s SAP customer relationship management software to improve the use of resources.