IT staff ignore prophets of doom

IT staff ignore prophets of doom

Recession rumours are doing little to damage the optimism of contractors

IT professionals remain confident about UK job prospects, despite doom-mongering about a possible global recession.

Only nine per cent of contractors are very concerned about their chances of finding work, while 52 per cent are not concerned at all, according to a survey by InterQuest.

A third of contractors say senior staff do not appear concerned about the credit crunch, and 52 per cent say permanent colleagues are unfazed by job or pay worries.

Talk of recession is unrealistic, according to Sid Barnes, director at recruitment group Computer People.

“Indicators suggest that guns are still blazing; if anything, demand has gone up,” he said.

“Rates for contractors are showing no signs of abating, and one blue-chip group recently sent us 140 permanent vacancies.”

It may even be a good time for systems developers, as businesses look to cut costs.

John Eary, senior consultant at IT services provider NCC Group, said: “There is a lot of speculation about the economy but the real economic factors are still quite strong.”