Bookham Launches Fully Qualified 6W Telecom Grade Multimode Pump Module

Bookham Launches Fully Qualified 6W Telecom Grade Multimode Pump Module

San Jose, Calif., – Bookham, Inc., today announced the launch of a fully qualified high power multimode pump module offering up to 6W power. The pump module, designed to provide the power and reliability required for pumping next generation amplifiers in cable and FTTx networks, offers a 50% power increase from the previous generation of Bookham multimode pump modules, and is thought to be the highest power telecom grade multimode pump module in the industry.

The Telcordia GR-468-CORE qualified 6W un-cooled fiber coupled multimode laser diode allows service providers to extend triple play service delivery to fiber customers located further away from the central office or the cable head-end. The high power product supports various pumping applications and is enabling network providers to deliver a new class of optical amplifier based on erbium doped air-clad fibre technology, which enables providers to replace DSL running on coax/copper with GPON running on fiber to deliver higher capacity and improved quality of service.

“The Telcordia qualified, telecom grade reliability high power pump product reinforces our strength and leadership in pump laser technologies,” said product line manager, Simon Loten. “The 6W module offers reliable delivery of high power, and is built on chips from our state-of-the-art Zurich facility, incorporating the Bookham proprietary passivation technology that suppresses Catastrophic Optical Damage (COD) to the laser diode facet, even at very high power levels.

“The module offers vastly improved thermal impedance of the design, and an extremely efficient chip enables improved end-to-end power conversion, offering customers lower power consumption and reduced temperature dependency.”

The pump module offers up to 6W in a 105um multimode fiber with a 0.22NA, and comes in a hermetically sealed two pin package with floating anode/cathode. The pump module is built on field proven technologies utilised within the market leading Bookham 980nm singlemode pump laser module series, which has now shipped 500,000 units since its introduction to the market in 1995.

At OFC/NFOEC, Bookham will present the paper entitled ‘30dBm Wideband Air-Clad EDFA Using Two Pump Lasers’, outlining the application of new, high power multimode pumps in the new class of amplifier.