Wateen Telecom-Pakistan Awards Motorola one of the World’s Largest WiMAX Device Orders

Wateen Telecom-Pakistan Awards Motorola one of the World’s Largest WiMAX Device Orders

Motorola WiMAX 802.16e CPEs will provide access to next generation wireless broadband in one of the fastest developing telecoms markets

LAHORE, Pakistan – Motorola, Inc. today announced a contract with Wateen Telecom-Pakistan for the supply of 198,000 end-user WiMAX customer premises equipment (CPE) devices for both indoor and outdoor use.

Complementing Wateen Telecom’s nationwide WiMAX network which is built using Motorola’s award-winning 802.16e WiMAX and IMS solutions, the CPE units will provide subscribers in Pakistan with unprecedented wireless access to agile and affordable data and Voice over IP (VoIP) services in one of the world’s most rapidly-growing telecoms markets. The CPEs will provide consumers, small businesses and Pakistan’s largest enterprises access to wireless services, from basic telephony and fast internet access to high-end data services such as virtual private networks (VPN) for banks and other organizations.

“The availability of our WiMAX network is a major milestone for Wateen Telecom and for the telecommunications potential of developing economies. Our network puts Wateen at the global forefront of the WiMAX telecoms industry. Motorola’s capabilities to effectively deliver WiMAX 802.16e solutions and CPEs ahead of the industry and our early adoption of this technology has given us the opportunity to be the first to offer WiMAX 802.16e-based broadband voice and data services in Pakistan,” said Tariq Malik, chief executive officer, Wateen Telecom.

With Pakistan’s impressive growing economy and rising user demand for data access, Wateen Telecom-Pakistan anticipates a rapid demand for residential connections for its Motorola-based WiMAX broadband services during its first year of operation.

“Wateen Telecom’s nationwide WiMAX network is set to bring in a new era of connectivity and access for Pakistan. This initial CPE order, which enables subscriber access to the network for services from basic wireless telephony through to secure data connectivity for the country’s largest corporations, is part of the expansive WiMAX eco-system further demonstrating to other markets the reality and viability of WiMAX and Motorola’s ability to deliver” said Ali Amer, vice president sales, Middle East, Africa and Pakistan, Motorola Home & Networks Mobility.

In addition to one of the most comprehensive deployments of Motorola’s WiMAX/IMS core solution in the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan region, Wateen also benefits from Motorola’s managed services expertise to focus critical resources on empowering efficiencies and keeping ahead of rapidly advancing technologies. With the network now operational, Motorola’s wi4 family of feature-rich award-winning CPE devices for WiMAX networks will enable consumers and businesses in Pakistan to plug in a device and receive an instant and reliable network connection.