Simdesk Technologies Launches SimMobile Mobile Services Platform

Simdesk Technologies Launches SimMobile Mobile Services Platform

Platform to help mobile operators fill market void by delivering affordable next-generation mobile services to any mass-market handset or Smartphone

Simdesk Technologies announced it will launch its SimMobile next-generation mobile services platform at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, February 11 – 14. SimMobile stands to dramatically alter the way mobile operators and their hosting providers, broadband service providers and handset manufacturers around the world deliver mobile services to subscribers by making affordable mobile services available across applications, platforms and devices.

The SimMobile launch represents Simdesk’s new strategic focus on the mobile market based on its years of delivering on-demand computing services to SMBs, telcos and governments around the world. SimMobile is specifically designed to help mobile operators generate new services revenue, strengthen subscriber relationships and gain a competitive edge over the ad-based portal solutions.

SimMobile is a powerful and affordable alternative to Exchange, BES and Domino deployments designed to reach underserved market segments, including SMB (small-medium business) as well as sophisticated consumers (prosumers). A brandable product, SimMobile is a complete end-to-end solution that enables Simdesk customers and partners to deliver high-value mobile services, featuring its S-Drive, a network file system, push e-mail, shared calendaring, contacts and notes, and virtual printing – all delivered to any mass-market handset or smart phone. SimMobile makes any phone a smart phone without the associated high handset costs.

“For the last several years, mobile services like push e-mail and PIM have been a luxury afforded primarily by executives in the large enterprise, representing a very small percentage of global mobile users,” said Lou Waters, president of Simdesk Technologies. “As device penetration continues to soar and mobile operators look to increase ARPU and reduce churn, there’s a huge opportunity to deliver affordable mobile services to the high volume of subscribers who can’t afford or don’t want to pay for expensive traditional mobile services and devices. Because of SimMobile’s disruptively low deployment costs, mobile operators can provide the services their subscribers’ desire, simultaneously achieving strategic growth objectives and realizing greater profit margins.”

Simplifying Mobile Services
SimMobile enables mobile operators to extend service offerings beyond standard e-mail with a simplified user experience that connects the broadest set of subscribers to mobile services that intersect with the rapidly-expanding social computing movement, user-generated content (UGC) and converged communications.

In an increasingly competitive and dynamic marketplace, SimMobile makes it easy for end-users to stay connected and store, share and access all of their professional and personal digital content anywhere and at any time.
• S-Drive, a network file system for the mobile market, enables mobile operators to host subscribers’ UGC, including music, photos, streaming videos and work files
• The broadest device support with true anytime, anywhere access from more devices extending access even to the Web and desktop
• Converges powerful mobile messaging and collaboration services into a single, simple interface
• Helps subscribers seamlessly connect to their professional and personal lives whether they are at work, at home or on the road, which stimulates data plan adoption and customer loyalty
• Solution can be accessed natively on devices out of the box to maximize user adoption
• Push-based download process greatly simplifies the download and install process so subscribers don’t have to buy new devices

A Complete, Flexible and Low-risk Mobile Solution
Unlike traditional mobile e-mail gateway providers, Simdesk delivers an end-to-end solution that redefines mobile services for the broadest set of mobile subscribers. SimMobile provides service providers ultimate flexibility in selecting the specific services they choose to deploy, offers multiple hosting options and negates the need for an expensive backend.
• Completely integrated solution sits behind the firewall, providing complete control on the backend
• Open standards allow easy integration to any mobile application vendor or device manufacturer
• Allows service providers to maximize the value of their data infrastructure, driving subscribers to their data network rather than through their data network to competing ad-based portal solutions
• End-to-end solution provides ultimate control of subscribers’ total mobile experience
• Eliminates reliance on third-parties for subscribers to access a mobile operator’s transport layer
• Leverages a powerful Web-based platform to deliver native applications directly to the handset

New Revenue with Opt-in ProMotionsSM
Simdesk provides mobile operators and handset manufacturers with a platform to offer opt-in advertising to end users, delivering another mechanism to generate revenue in an increasingly competitive world. Simdesk is committed to enabling completely secure and private mobile messaging and collaboration solutions for mobile users, but recognizes that many consumers are interested in opt-in advertising opportunities that benefit their personal lives.