Dell and Microsoft Launch (PRODUCT) RED Branded Products to Help Eliminate AIDS in Africa

Dell and Microsoft Launch (PRODUCT) RED Branded Products to Help Eliminate AIDS in Africa

Purchase of Dell (PRODUCT) RED computer or printer enables people worldwide to help save lives.

Round Rock, Texas — Dell and Microsoft Corp. will offer customers a simple way to make a difference in the fight against AIDS in Africa through the purchase of unique (PRODUCT) RED branded personal computers and a printer. Adding to the premium experience, all Dell (PRODUCT) RED PCs are powered by Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED. Dell is the exclusive partner for PCs and peripherals for (PRODUCT) RED.

Dell (PRODUCT) RED products will be available at and at Best Buy stores throughout the United States by the end of the week. Beginning Jan. 31, they also will be available through Dell in nearly 30 additional countries.

(RED), launched in 2006, is a brand designed to engage business and consumer power in the fight against AIDS in Africa. To date, (RED) partners have contributed more than $57 million to the Global Fund based on the sale of (PRODUCT) RED products. (RED) funds are at work on the ground in Rwanda, Swaziland and Ghana.

With each purchase of a (PRODUCT) RED branded Dell personal computer including Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED, Dell and Microsoft will make a combined contribution of $50 to $80, depending on the PC purchased, to the Global Fund. Purchase of a Dell (PRODUCT) RED printer generates a $5 Dell contribution. One hundred percent of the funds contributed go to Global Fund-financed grants in Africa.

An $80 contribution generated by the choice of a Dell (PRODUCT) RED all-in-one PC with Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED is equivalent to more than six months of life-saving antiretroviral treatment for an individual living with AIDS in Africa.

“The computer has revolutionized our lives; the (RED) Dell Microsoft partnership goes a step further with PCs which channel money to the Global Fund,” said Bono, co-founder of (RED). “It’s a truly beautiful idea that the purchase of a stylish PC can put someone on lifesaving ARV treatment for six months.”

Dell (PRODUCT) RED products are distinguished by their vibrant red color and accents, and distinctive (PRODUCT) RED branding. All Dell (PRODUCT) RED PCs feature Intel Core 2 Duo processors. Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED includes six unique desktop wallpapers, a screensaver, two Windows Sidebar gadgets and a (RED)-themed Windows DreamScene.

Dell (PRODUCT) RED products include the following:

  • XPS One (PRODUCT) RED. The elegant, simple and space-saving XPS One combines multimedia computing with high style, high-definition television and entertainment, and is a distinctive addition to any room in the home. Starting at $1,599. (Purchase contributes $80 to the Global Fund)

  • XPS M1330 (PRODUCT) RED. With a starting weight of just under 4 pounds and featuring an ultrathin 0.9-inch profile, the award-winning XPS M1330 notebook features a high-definition 13.3-inch display, full-sized keyboard, built-in Wi-Fi and optional mobile broadband wireless for connecting on the go. Starting at $1,149. (Purchase contributes $50 to the Global Fund)

  • XPS M1530 (PRODUCT) RED. The XPS M1530 is a sleek and stylish 15.4-inch notebook that is loaded with premium features such as built-in webcam and fingerprint reader, and design accents such as touch-sensitive multimedia buttons and brushed aluminum accents. Starting at $1,149. (Purchase contributes $50 to the Global Fund)

  • 948 All-in-One Printer (PRODUCT) RED. The 948 printer features easy-to-use fax, scan, copy and print functions and photo printing options — available with or without connection to a computer. Starting at $149. (Purchase contributes $5 to the Global Fund).

    “The RED campaign is making a tangible difference in the lives of people living with AIDS in Africa,” said Michael Dell, Dell chairman and CEO. “We’ve seen what computers can do for keeping people connected, but with (RED), the sale of these products will actually help keep people alive. We couldn’t be more proud to be part of this initiative.”

    “The combination of Microsoft, (RED) and Dell means consumers can help in the fight against AIDS in Africa by buying a great Dell PC that comes loaded with the best version of Windows Vista, with each purchase funding up to six months of life-saving drugs for someone in Africa through the Global Fund,” said Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft. “The (RED) business model is a powerful way for consumers to use their purchasing power to help bring about positive change in the world, and we are pleased to have Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED be an engine for that change.”