Prysmian Leads The Way With FTTH In Germany

Prysmian Leads The Way With FTTH In Germany

Town of 50,000 inhabitants to have Ultra High Speed Broadband by 2012

Milan – Prysmian Cables & Systems today announced that it has secured a new contract to supply the first phase of a Fibre to the Home (FTTH) network in the South Western German town of Schwerte (Westhofen). The project will initially link around 1,800 households, and conclude, by 2012, with the connection of the entire town of 50,000 inhabitants, with ultra high speed broadband via optical fibre. The cable system is to be installed by local contractor, Volker Schulte Elektrotechnik GmbH and the end customer will be utility company Stadtwerke Schwerte GmbH.

The project, based on Prysmian's innovative Sirocco blown fibre technology - whereby optical fibres are blown into pre-installed tubes to create the fibre network - is typical of many such FTTH schemes in Western Europe, where the majority of activity is undertaken by utility companies, local authorities and independent operators ahead of the major incumbent telecom providers.

Project manager for Volker Schulte Elektrotechnik GmbH, Mr Jürgen Schäfer commented, "The Prysmian Sirocco system is ideal for this type of project, allowing fast initial installation together with the ability to grow the network over time on a highly cost effective basis. There is a very high fibre density in these last mile connections and the Sirocco system is able to both manage this and provide the necessary flexibility for future updates"

The initial phase of the project is due to start before the end of January with the next phase scheduled for July 2008.