Click and go… why wait?

Click and go… why wait?

SurfKitchen announces SurfKit Phonetop

Reading, UK – Building on its market leading On-Device Portal (ODP) applications, SurfKitchen today announces the launch of SurfKit Phonetop, an integrated suite of on-device applications designed for operators to significantly improve mobile data service delivery and consumption. The SurfKit Phonetop suite of applications delivers real service choice for customers, ‘zero click’ discovery, and a range of sophisticated new analysis tools for service lifecycle management. This next generation of ODP means operators can meet subscriber demand for a broader, more relevant choice of content services through a ‘mobile optimised’ widget framework.

Data services are an increasingly important part of operator revenues, but despite higher speed networks, larger phone screens and flat-rate data tariffs driving the development of mobile Internet services, data uptake remains constrained by the overall quality of experience. SurfKit Phonetop suite builds on SurfKitchen’s existing ODP products to enhance the overall quality of experience:

SurfKit Home takes service personalisation and access to the next level by enabling operators to provide subscribers with ‘zero-click’ access to content on their home screen.
SurfKit Widget Framework enables operators to offer a broader, more relevant choice of data services to consumers by providing a service creation environment on the device, using XML/Javascript. Services can be deployed across a wide range of devices as widgets, vastly simplifying the creation of services across a broad range of devices. The rich client server framework enables rapid deployment and subsequent in-life management of these widgets. With the widget framework, new service launch has evolved from a ‘high risk fire-and-forget’ mode, to a ‘low risk launch, measure and refine’ approach, enabling continuous improvement of services to meet subscribers’ needs.

SurfKit Mediation delivers insightful user analytics, giving operators visibility into the way subscribers use and interact with their mobile devices. Analysis allows operators to measure, refine and improve data service offerings for their subscribers throughout the product lifecycle.

“Operators across the world recognise the revenue growth potential presented by mobile data services,” said Matt Lewis, Research Director, ARCchart. “There is significant evidence that voice revenues are stagnating in mature markets, which when combined with the investments made in next generation networks, puts the emphasis squarely on technologies that can engage and excite consumers. If discovering and accessing mobile content is too complex or frustrating, most people won’t persevere.”

"The operator’s world is changing,” said Michel Quazza, chief executive officer, SurfKitchen. “The mobile Internet is here to stay, but for operators to unlock the revenue opportunities it presents, they need the tools to manage and deliver an outstanding user experience across a broad range of rich mobile data services. In our SurfKit Phonetop suite, we have incorporated the invaluable insights into mobile data services we have gained from operators across the world to deliver an integrated platform that represents the next generation of ODP applications.”

In 2007, SurfKitchen’s ODP solutions supported operators including Orange Group, Telstra, Telefonica Moviles España, Maxis, ALJAWAL (Saudi Telecom) and Etisalat as they deployed rich mobile content services ranging from mobile TV and full track music downloads, to traffic alerts and news feeds to storefronts for games, video, pictures and ringtones.