NRI to launch India's largest online luxury lingerie portal

NRI to launch India's largest online luxury lingerie portal - India's largest online luxury lingerie portal for the Indian urban professional a venture promoted by a California-based NRI, is pioneering a new online retail model focusing exclusively on the Indian urban professional woman.

Promoted by California-based NRI Hina Saiya, the online store will offer the largest selection of babydolls, teddies, corsets & bustier, camisoles, bridals, bra & panty sets as well as exclusive club & party wear.

The online portal will be the first of its kind in India and aims to be the largest with an initial luxury lingerie selection of over 100 styles. The online store will start shipping orders on February 1, 2008, in time for Valentine’s Day.

The portal will be online from January 1, 2008. Customers who place advance orders before the portal becomes operational on February 1, 2008, will get a discount of 25 % on each item.

Hina Saiya, Chief Executive of, said the rise in purchasing power, exposure to the luxury options through the media and foreign travel has created desire to indulge in luxuries not imagined just a few years ago. "Luxury lingerie, more than jewelry or any other luxury item, allows a woman to express her personality and inner desires. It is rapidly becoming a must-have accessory in a woman’s personal collection."

ShopImagine has identified this as a major business opportunity and is launching the online store with a personalized service targeted at the urban professional woman. ShopImagine is sourcing luxury lingerie items from multiple sources across Europe, Americas and Asia.

The company is establishing product experts who will be available online or via telephone to advice and guide the consumers in product selection, usage and care. Personalized service is the key since ShopImagine expects significant number of orders originating as gift items from male buyers.

“Over the last two years, I have witnessed a high degree of awareness, interest and desire among my friends in India, to own luxury lingerie,” Hina said. “However, lack of good selection and discomfort at buying a personal luxury product in a crowded mall deters most women. In addition, there is no convenient way for men to select and purchase luxury lingerie for their girl friend, fiancĂ©e or wife.”

Hina said she embarked on an in-depth exploration of the luxury lingerie product sources across the world as well as e-commerce logistics in India. She conducted a detailed study of the target consumer segment, namely, urban professional women, to fine-tune the offering to their aspirations and desires.

Constantly on the lookout for new product ideas, Hina said she travels to at least three to four countries every year as well as extensively through India. She believed that would bridge this gap through the expert advice and large selection of luxury lingerie. will ship all items to the customer free of cost and with a seven-day money back return policy available across all of India.