Actix pioneers automatic Network Status Management system

Actix pioneers automatic Network Status Management system

Actix Insight delivers advanced processing capabilities to speed the resolution of radio access network engineering issues

London - Actix, the leading supplier of Network Status Management (NSM) systems, has announced the first release of a range of automated solutions for the automated management of engineering operations in the mobile radio access network (RAN). Actix Insight is the first RAN engineering suite to deliver an intelligent approach to the resolution of radio engineering issues, by automatically pre-processing large volumes of system data to discover systemic faults.

Actix Insight is capable of processing terabytes of data per day to produce a prioritized set of daily tasks, each coordinating multiple symptoms from a variety of data sources for resolution by engineering teams. This innovative approach has seen breakthrough levels of improved productivity in the radio engineering arena, with efficiency gains of several hundred percent being measured in first deployments.

Providing a systematic approach to workflow management, Actix Insight allows the rapid identification of bottlenecks and more responsive resource allocation. Management level dashboards enable monitoring of tasks as they progress through the organization, ensuring serious issues are quickly identified and appropriately resourced.

“Actix Insight is a breakthrough product that really pushes down the cost of engineering operations for wireless network operators, while drastically improving the quality of the experience delivered to the end user,” said Chris Larmour, Chief Marketing Officer.

“The experience Actix has built up over the past 16 years is encapsulated within the heart of Actix Insight, enabling operators to benefit from almost instant productivity. The system not only finds around twice as many network faults as an operator would previously be alerted to, it helps to solve them in one sixth of the time,” continued Larmour.

Actix Insight also allows engineers to share valuable knowledge, which can be made available for use across the organization, enabling the scaling of best processes throughout the entire engineering team in a lightweight, repeatable fashion. Designed to complement existing performance and configuration management systems, Actix Insight brings to life the data captured from a mobile radio interface, which can then be applied to a wide range of innovative uses within the mobile enterprise.

Actix will be demonstrating Insight publicly for the first time at Mobile World Congress at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, 11-14 February 2008.