LG adds security to USB drives

LG adds security to USB drives

LG has announced two new thumb drives with embedded security tools

LG Electronics has unveiled two USB Flash drives with embedded security functions to protect data either on the drive itself or on the host PC.

LG’s Vaccine USB is equipped with anti virus and malware protection software to provide real-time protection, according to the firm, while its biometric USB drive has built-in fingerprint recognition to secure access to data on the drive.

The Vaccine USB drive, available in capacities from 512MB to 8GB, ships with pre-installed antivirus and anti-malware software. Once connected, the drive automatically monitors incoming traffic for viruses and other malicious activity, and can be updated via the internet.

“LG recognises that at times computers will not be protected as well as they should be which causes unnecessary risk for users. Our latest USB drive has been developed to give people that extra confidence when connected to the Internet,” said LG marketing manager Fiona Landsberg.

The biometric USB drive contains software that requires a fingerprint or password scan to gain access to data. Up to ten separate fingerprints can be stored, and the drive is available in capacities from 512MB to 4GB.