BBFC fights to uphold Manhunt 2 ban

BBFC fights to uphold Manhunt 2 ban

Watchdog seeks judicial review

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) is once again looking to secure a ban on the video game Manhunt 2.

The board is seeking a judicial review of last week's ruling by the Video Appeals Committee which overturned the original decision to ban the controversial game.

The Video Appeals Committee upheld an appeal by software developer Rockstar Games, ruling that the BBFC's decision not to award Manhunt 2 an age rating and thereby thwarting its launch in the UK was unjustified.

Last week's ruling effectively gave Rockstar Games the green light for a UK launch pending further legal protests from the BBFC.

The BBFC had previously sought to ban Manhunt 2 on the grounds of " unremitting bleakness and callousness of tone", "casual sadism" and glorification of "brutal slaying".

The BBFC claims that the Video Appeals Committee's recent judgement is " based on an approach to harm which is an incorrect interpretation of the Video Recordings Act".

"The Video Appeals Committee judgement, if allowed to stand, would have fundamental implications with regard to all the Board's decisions, including those turning on questions of unacceptable levels of violence," said the BBFC in a statement.

"If the decision is suspended, the game will not be classified before the outcome of the judicial review."