Laser TV to debut at CES 2008

Laser TV to debut at CES 2008

CES 2008 is around the corner and the anticipation for a debut of Laser TV technology is growing again. The odds look very good that Mitsubishi will finally introduce a Laser TV at the CES.

Last Summer Mitsubishi said that they plan to show a Laser TV in 2008, after they missed the CES 2007. In December Greg Niven, EVP of marketing at Novalux, the company which makes a core technology component for Laser TVs, said that Laser-based rear-projection sets are close to commercialization and anticipated the first product introductions in 2008.

Christopher Null over at Yahoo! Tech mentioned that he received a fancy invitation from Mitsubishi for CES 2008, where the company will reveal the new Laser TV technology.

The Novalux Necsel-based Laser TVs generate a brightness of 500 nits and 1080p resolution. The advantages of Laser TVs are a lightweight, thin, wide-viewing-angle screen with an affordable price. Additionally Laser TV technology is supposed to display 90% of the colors human eyes can see, while current LCD and Plasma TVs display approximately 40% of the colors.

Mitsubishi first talked up a Laser TV back in 2006. Let's hope they make a big enough splash at the CES 2008 with Laser TV that really lives up to the promises and will take large screen TV technology to the next level.