IDC Recognizes Oracle as Leader in Worldwide Embedded Database Management System Vendor Share

IDC Recognizes Oracle as Leader in Worldwide Embedded Database Management System Vendor Share

According to market research firm IDC, Oracle is the overall leader in the worldwide embedded database management system (DBMS) software sector.(1)

IDC states in its latest report, "Worldwide Embedded DBMS 2007-2011 Forecast and 2006 Vendor Shares," that Oracle's 23.2 percent of worldwide embedded DBMS software revenue by vendor surpasses the next closest vendor with 14.1 percent. Additionally, IDC notes that Oracle achieved an annual growth rate of 23.3 percent, almost double the 11.7 percent growth rate for the industry as a whole. IDC defines embedded DBMSs as database management systems sold to independent software vendors and used as components within larger software or hardware products. IDC also notes that embedded DBMSs are typically optimized for performance and small footprint and have management functions that are handled automatically by either the database or application.

"As the world market leading provider of relational DBMS software, Oracle has been increasing its attention in the embedded DBMS market in recent years," said Carl W. Olofson, Research Vice President Application Development and Deployment, IDC. "From 2004-2006, Oracle showed strong revenue growth in its embedded DBMS products. As they continue with strong investments in this space, large RDBMS vendors such as Oracle are likely to continue to grow ahead of the market during the next five years."

"Oracle sees a growing need for databases that are embedded within our partners' applications and devices, running in the data center, in the network, at the edge and in the mobile environment," said Rex Wang, vice president Embedded Systems Marketing, Oracle. "By embedding Oracle databases, partners can deliver more complete solutions faster and at lower cost. Oracle is fully committed to serving the needs of embedded developers."

Oracle offers developers building embedded systems the industry's broadest selection of world-class embeddable database products to meet their specific application requirements, including:

* Oracle Database -- for advanced relational database features in an embeddable package;

* Oracle TimesTen -- for real-time, in-memory relational data management and caching;

* Oracle Berkeley DB -- for high performance, non-relational data management; and

* Oracle Database Lite -- for online/offline mobile relational data management.

Requiring virtually no human administration, these products are ideal for developers in industries such as telecommunications and high technology, which have demanding requirements for intelligent edge devices and services.

Get your complimentary copy of IDC's "Worldwide Embedded DBMS 2007-2011 Forecast and 2006 Vendor Shares" report, here (PDF).