ICO tells UK Police to delete records

ICO tells UK Police to delete records

Some records of incidents date back 30 years

The UK Data Protection watchdog has ordered four local police forces to delete old criminal convictions from the Police National Computer (PNC).

Humberside, Northumbria, Staffordshire and West Midlands Police have all been issued enforcement notices by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

The information is no longer relevant for police purposes, said ICO assistant commissioner Mick Gorrill.

"The offences were non custodial and we believe there is no justification in terms of policing purposes for retaining the information - it is causing harm and distress to the individuals concerned," he said.

Each case relates to individuals who have been convicted on one occasion only.

Some of the incidents date back nearly 30 years.

One record held by Humberside Police relates to a person under 18 who stole a packet of meat valued at 99p in 1984.