BD+ encryption cracked already

BD+ encryption cracked already

Only a matter of time

Controversial DVD decryption firm SlySoft may already have broken the 'unbreakable' BD+ protection afforded to Blu-ray discs.

The company's latest release of AnyDVD HD software comes with support for full HD-DVD and Blu-Ray movie discs.

Until now, AnyDVD software was only capable of cracking Blu-ray's older AACS (Advanced Access Content System) security which is also used by the HD-DVD camp. But BD+ is a new layer of security exclusive to Blu-ray.

So far only The Day After Tomorrow and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer have contained the BD+ layer.

SlySoft's BD+ cracking code is not thought to be fully implemented in the latest release of AnyDVD HD, but some users claim that it does work.

A user on the SlySoft forum known as 'manixx' said of Fantastic Four: "I am backing up my second copy as I tex, it plays fine on my ps3 as well. I guess the sky's the limit, no problem did anyone else have this success? "

SlySoft is based in Antigua, where it can apparently get away with creating software that directly breaches Digital Millennium Copyright Act and EU Directive copy protection laws.