GodTube launches social network

GodTube launches social network

Christian website is one of the fastest-growing in the world

Christian-focused viral video site, GodTube.com, which set the record as the fastest growing website in the world during its first official launch month of August according to ComScore, has announced the launch of a social network targeted at the 2.1 billion Christians around the world.

As part of the broadcast offering, The GodCaster allows users to stream live video from GodTube.com to millions of websites on the internet. The GodCaster also functions as a viral video blog allowing users to leave video messages across the internet.

In its initial beta launch, the GodCaster will be available to churches and ministries around the world to stream their service online, hold a virtual bible study or even start an online congregation. GodTube.com plans to make the GodCaster available to the general public in the near future.

GodTube’s video library will be monitored by The Video Police, who are real human beings monitoring GodTube.com 24/7 to ensure all content is family-friendly and kid safe. Parents can immediately report any concerns by clicking on the 'Video Police' button, which opens a live interactive video window where they can see, hear and interact with the GodTube.com Video Police Team.

"At GodTube.com we make the safety and security of children and families our top priority," said Christopher Wyatt, founder and CEO of GodTube.com.

"We have gone above and beyond to live up to this commitment. Every minute of every video that is uploaded is reviewed. We flag and remove any sexual offenders as well as any violent criminals. We do not believe that it is acceptable to have 29,000 sexual predators on any website, especially one used by young people and teens. In addition to these measures, we have electronic defence systems and live human interaction. We challenge all social networks to put the safety of our children above bottom-line profit."

The site already has over 150,000 registered users with active profiles on the network. GodTube.com's live and interactive technology uses a state-of-the-art flash media server giving users face-to-face interaction in virtual Bible studies, chats, and live broadcasts, as well as opportunities to connect through messaging, email, video blogging, and eCards.

The website reckons it is on track to draw 5-7 million unique visitors in the month of October.