Alienware opens computer recycling exchange

Alienware opens computer recycling exchange

Trade in your electronic kit towards a gaming PC

High-end PC manufacturer Alienware has opened an exchange website that allows users to trade in their electronic kit for payment or credit towards a new gaming computer.

The company, which was bought by Dell in March 2006, accepts items such as PCs, Apple Macs, notebooks, mobile phones, iPods, digital cameras and games consoles.

"With AlienExchange, you can turn all those old electronic devices you have lying around as paperweights into your dream Alienware system," said a statement on the exchange website.

"Just trade in any number of the select electronic devices and you will receive payment that can be used toward the purchase of new Alienware products. "

Customers send in their traded items using a free shipping label that can be printed out.

Old Alienware systems that are traded in for newer models receive an additional $200 on top of the trade-in quote.

At present the website only accepts trades from US customers.

AlienExchange is run on Dealtree's technology, which is also used by brands such as Best Buy, Kodak, Olympus, Sharp and Sony.