Tier-3 makes its first move in UK

Tier-3 makes its first move in UK

Australian security vendor hoping to mirror success in the UK

Australian security vendor Tier-3 is launching into the UK, and is looking to the channel to help it get a foothold in the market.

The vendor is launching its flagship Huntsman software at the Infosecurity event next week.

Peter Wollacott, chief executive of Tier-3, said: “We have appointed a technical partner in the UK, 4Secure, that is able to help with implementation and support. But now we are looking for resellers.

“We are keen to talk to partners with knowledge of access control, intrusion prevention and all aspects of secure IT governance.”

Wollacott added that the vendor will provide technical training, and is confident of success in verticals such as banking and finance, defence and local government.

However, Clive Longbottom, service director at analyst Quocirca, said: “Day Zero security solutions are three-a-penny, and some of them are actually quite effective. Symantec, McAfee and others have been buying up or developing their own heuristic and algorithmic technologies for some time. These are then made part of their overall security solutions and this could be where Tier-3 will struggle.

“There is considerably less room for the specialist security provider, unless they go via a specialist security integrator channel, most of which already have their chosen solutions in this space.”