Steelseries SP mouse mat - Review

Steelseries SP mouse mat - Review

Steelseries SP mouse mat - ReviewA mat designed for laser mice

Overall: A worthwhile treat for gamers and designers

Manufacturer: Steelseries

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Laser and optical mice are usually sold as being able to work on all surfaces, but since shiny tabletops can cause inaccurate movement there’s still a market for mouse mats.

It’s difficult to overlook the Steelseries SP, in part due to its massive 41cm diagonal measurement.

It comprises two layers, the bottom being rubber to grip to a desk and the top being a hard transparent plastic. The latter is textured but mice glide across it with minimal friction.

The build quality is top-notch and it includes a two-year warranty anyway. It looks good, is pleasing to touch and offers great precision for gamers and design addicts alike.